Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thinking thoughts

Why, when the weather is about to turn, did I suddenly feel like cleaning and washing everything - like the pillows and duvet cover...? I'm trying to be realistic though, cos I know it's going to rain tomorrow!

I made apple cake and Menard says it's yummy. I'm trying to avoid eating any, but it does smell good.

Sophia is getting better at walking with her push along toy. I'm sure she'll be doing it by herself anytime soon.

I'm starting to think about Christmas. I know it's still September, but I figure at least this way things will be ticking over in my mind and I'll be all organised. Worth a try anyway!

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Tami said...

Ha! Holidays are in my mind too. This year I've asked Mister B to build my little miss a doll house. I'll help to decorate and make the goodies for the inside. For my little guy...I'm stuck. I know what he'd love but we don't have space and I like to keep it home made.

I already have invites out for Thanksgiving and began menu planning. This way I can buy a little at a time each payday so we won't be hit with a big dinner bill the payday before Thanksgiving.