Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's a quiet and sleepy time. Sophia woke up with a sore belly, or so I'd imagine, as once she was up she farted loudly a number of times, and then decided that "as I'm up mummy, let's have some milk now".

She's got a full belly and an empty nappy, so I'm hoping we might get to go back to bed soon. Currently she's on the floor playing with my toes. So long as I wiggle them once in a while she will somehow find them fascinating. Oh no, in her excitement she's set off backwards across the room. I think sometimes she gets over excited about what's in front of her, tries to go forward to take a better look and ends up further away. At first this terribly frustrated, but now she's learning to make the most of where she finds herself ending up. (Like now she's found her toys and apparently my sandals too, but hopefully the toys are more entertaining!)

I'm not intending this blog to become just a picture blog, or to be all about Sophia, it's just as a stay at home mummy there's a lot of Sophia in my life, and she is pretty adorable!

Hey, I think this may be working - I was hoping that blogging at half 5 when my brain is not properly awake might help me to get over my current writers block. Don't get me wrong, I'm still continually writing blog posts, it's just that mostly that's in my head as I lay in bed before I go to sleep, and when I sit at the computer to officially get them down, my mind goes blank and I wander off (online) to do something else.

Ants are currently having a field day in my kitchen. I knew that they would. Last night Menard was out and Sophia needed lots of attention. It was fine so long as I was in the room, but were I to leave it she was not a happy bunny. Anyway, this meant that last nights washing up did not get done, as by the time she did go down this mummy was too tired and having too much fun catching up with friends online. And then she realised it was half 9 and ought to head to bed in a hurry.

But anyway, lesson learnt and from now on I will be endeavouring to keep on top of the washing up so that ants don't have a giant playground over night. It's not that there's lots, well I guess it depends how many you call lots, but there's definitely enough, by any standards!

Sophia loves electrical leads. I'm sure she must inherit this love from her daddy who absolutely loves his gadgets. There are advantages and disadvantages to this new found love - I'm sure it must be dangerous, for example like last night when I found her trying to suck on one of Menard's speaker leads. However, credit where credit is due, she also managed to locate my phone charger for me at a time where I was not entirely sure of its location.

Ok, I'll end with a pic, as there are far too many cute ones waiting to be shared. This is one of her new found skills. When she first discovered she could do it she would look down at her feet and then up at you with the biggest grin on her face. It was as if to say "LOOK AT MY FEET! I'm standing ON them. HOW COOL IS THAT?!"


Pigwotflies said...

Clever standing baby. Love those pudgy knees! :-)

HP said...

she des look proud of herself with that beautiful smile!! Very cute.

Mary deB said...

She is cute as a button!