Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All of a sudden it's Wednesday. Where does the week go?

Well I started my new job on Monday at 9am (and then was formally interviewed on Monday afternoon - it's a strange world!). It was a lovely way to start to get to know the two boys I'll be working with. I think after we've done a few sessions and they're both comfortable about working with me we (the class teachers and I) will start looking at how I can best help them, and what would work best. In the meantime we'll generally be sticking to what the rest of the class are doing and I will be helping them to access the work (assisting with reading and writing). I think that all made sense!

Today I am child-minding and S is down for a nap, so i thought I'd better stick something on my blog having not had the time for a while :-)
Yesterday I took S and another boy, J, to the park. S is 16 months and J is 2 1\2. They had great fun playing football, at least J is good at kicking the ball, S just wants to pick the ball up and hold it most of the time! We also went in the play area and went on the swings, slide, roundabout and seesaw. I say we, but actually I was the one doing the pushing, lifting, turning, and bouncing rather than actually going on the equipment.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I could quite happily lie down for a nap as well, but there are several things I want to get on with, so I had better go and do them.

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