Wednesday, July 05, 2006

on my way home

These are the friendly pylons that mean I'm nearly home (to GC) when I'm driving along the M11. Photo one is the first view you get of them, and the second photo is just round the corner when the cables actually cross over the top of the road. At least I think that's the right way round - blogger is being strange and only letting me see the html(? is that what it is?) rather than the actual pictures.

I don't know quite what it is, but ever since we started driving up towards Cambridge to take me to uni I've liked them. To me they look like friendly giants coming over the hill. Back then they were a sign it was nearly time to turn off the motorway, now it's even better cos it means at the top of the next hill I'm really very nearly home. Please excuse the spots of dirt on my windscreen (yes, these were taken as I was on the motorway, but I was being careful, I promise) but I just wanted to share them with you as i won't be commuting on that route for much longer. Of course I'll still be going on the motorway, but not everyday. At least, who knows quite what I'll be doing after the summer. Still not me.

Update: ok, so blogger put them the other way round, and they are really a bit small to see the pylons, but look closely. Cos I'm not gonna take any more pictures of them.

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