Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I find that I can't breathe and I can't sleep...

... when the weather's like this. Which is so not good. Thank goodness I've got a day off work today - It's a no pupil, teacher training day, but I don't need to go in cos I can use my hours better when the child I work with is actually there!

Right, this better be about Kentwell cos although unfortunately I don't have any more photos that also means I can write this post where I am without having to turn on the other computer (all the photo software is on the other computer, something to do with not having enough USB ports on this computer, but that's ok).

Kentwell was fantastic. Each school is given a time to arrive, so that each group has a slightly different time to go through the getting in process. We were lucky enough to be the first school in, so we go a bit of a chance to see some stuff before it got really busy. All of our kids did really well at getting into the spirit of the day, and some of the costumes were just outstanding. Compared to some other school we saw later in the day I felt we had done ourselves proud.

The first thing we got to do was to change our 'now' money into (replica) tudor money, at a rate of 60 pence now equals one tudor penny. We were told that one tudor penny would buy us a cake\snack\piece of fruit as we went round, and then that we could visit the tudor shop on our way out. We were also told we had a time that we had to leave. They give you three and a half hours which you would think would be loads of time, but we didn't see have of the grounds or people.

We went into the house first, as we were told it gets really bust later on. The children were amazed by everything they saw and heard, and in fact almost seemed struck dumb when given chance to ask questions. Basically the whole place, house and grounds, is full of people acting out particular roles as tudor people. So we got to see rich people and poor people, we saw how they would make bread, ale, butter, cheese, dye skeins of wool, chop wood, make paint from roots and earth, people training as soldiers, and much much more.

One particular thing that fascinated my group was the camera obscura. I've put a link there cos I probably wouldn't explain it very well. They were amazed to see what was going on outside projected onto the wall, and the fact that it appeared upside down was even weirder!

We had the chance to lose a couple of our boys as woodcutter's apprentices, and were very tempted by the offer! It was great to have lots of hands on experiences as well - I was given a tudor cure for itchy eyes (cos I said I had hayfever) which was some sort of watery paste rubbed onto my eyes with a leaf. Not entirely sure if it helped, but it was a fun thing to experience. (I sneezed the whole way home on the bus, but then we were surrounded by grass all day!).

Overall I would say we had a great day and I would recommed it to anyone. I may write more about it at some point, but I've gotta go now to put another parking permit in my car, and this post is long enough already.

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