Sunday, July 16, 2006

Looking back to look forward

Having been accused of forgetting how to write on my blog (or something like that anyway) I decided it was time I actually posted something I'd written, and not just pictures.

I'm in a "looking back over my last year" sort of mood now that I've started filling up boxes with stuff ready to move back to London (once term finishes). It's my very last day at school (well this school anyway) on Tuesday the 25th July (everyone else I know breaks up on the 21st, but hey!) and it'll be really sad to leave all those fantastic people I've got to know so well over the last year. Especially the boy I work one-to-one with - he may drive me insane sometimes, but overall I wouldn't want to change it - watching him change and improve at so many things over the time I've been working with him.

This time last year I had no idea what I would be doing, and I'd have probably laughed if you'd have suggested I could do some of the stuff I've done this year - I've worked in the school, home tutored two girls, and worked on a home program for an autistic girl. I've learnt so many skills this year. God's got the plan for my life, and he's certainly been keeping me guessing! Whatever I find myself doing this time next year, I know that God knows already what it is, and He's preparing me so I'll have the right skills and connections at the right time.

It's scary and sad saying goodbye to the familiar, but it's downright exciting looking to the future and working out what to do next. I may not ber in this house to see these beautiful autumn leaves in the garden of our house in GC again, but there's be something just as amazing right round the corner. All I want now is a peek at what it is.

This post had kind of turned out sounding a bit cheesy, but I'm gonna post it anyway. I know that God has a plan for my life, even if that sounds corny to some people, to me it's perhaps the only thing keeping me sane through all the decisions I'll be making over the next weeks and months.

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