Monday, July 31, 2017

Alphabet holiday

It all started reading a chance comment on facebook where a lady talked about how they sometimes work through the alphabet, a letter a day, doing things like eating beans and watching boats on B day.
I love the idea and wondered how we could do to make this holiday fun, without too much pressure or preparation. I worked out that we have enough days that we don't have to do a letter every day, and I decided that rather than stick to strict alphabetical order we could do random letters, and just make sure we did them all in the end. This meant that the day we visited our friend's dog, it was an obvious choice to make it O day as the dog's name is Ollie. (We were supposed to take him for a walk but he didn't want to leave his owner behind, so we ended up going for a walk without him. True story!) .

We also decided we would scrap book some of the events of each day as a way to remember the holiday-  The big events and the slightly more mundane!

So far we've had O, J, J continued onto the next day, and C day.
There has been seeing Ollie and eating oats, making jam, drinking Orange Juice, cuddles, chicken chips, cake, chocolate and so much more.
I've been taking photos too so hopefully I can share some of those with you soon too!

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