Wednesday, October 07, 2015

31 days of money saving and stuff - day seven

Get to know your local area.

You may have lived there a few weeks or months, you may have lived there all your life, but I bet you don't even notice half the things around you (again, talking to myself!)

This summer I signed up to start geocaching.  Yes, ideally you need some sort of smart phone of device, and it was the not having one of those which stopped me signing up earlier. But all you have to do is go to the website, set up an account, which takes minutes, download an app (apple and android versions available) and stick in your postcode and start hunting.

The website explains it better than I, so go have a look. You get coordinates that help you find the rough area, then additional hints or clues in the description to find some sort of small box. It can be teeny tiny, or perhaps a film canister size, or a lunch box. There's always a log inside - a piece of paper you sign with your name, whatever username you used to sign up online. Then you additionally log your find on the app or website. That way the ower of the cache can check those who say they've found it on the website, have found it when they look at their paper blog.

Useful tools to help you with geocaching - a pen, a smart phone, tweezers (some of the caches are tiny and you need tweezers to pull out the log).

Let me know what you find/if you get addicted.
As at the 14th September I had logged  21 so far.

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