Thursday, October 01, 2015

31 days of money saving and stuff - day one

I want to see if I can do 31days of posts in October, as many bloggers do. It's a 31 day thing. I think I've tried it before, but not sure if I've made it through.
I've been wanting to write some more posts about money saving and stuff like that, so I thought, hey, let's try to combine the two.

Confession, I'm starting writing posts on the 29th August, in the hope that I might manage to write enough posts by the end of October, but I will set it to auto post for October first. By the time the posts publish, I'll probably have forgotten what I wrote!

Every time I get in the shower I remember this one, and by the time I'm out and dressed, it's forgotten again, so let's see if I can actually blog it this time....
We went camping in the summer and I decanted my shampoo, conditioner and body wash into some of those little travel bottles, they're the ones with the lids that just click up a bit at the side and you squeeze out a bit of liquid. Well, at the time of writing this post, we've been back from camping 3 weeks and I'm still using those little bottles, I've showered almost every day. That's a lot of hair washes from little bottles I originally worried they wouldn't last the week. And then I realised, when I use my big bottles of shampoo etc, they have big holes and when I squirt it out on my hand, a lot comes out, and I just use it, but with the little bottles, you sort of have to apply a bit of force to squeeze the stuff out, and you automatically get a much smaller amount in your hand. But, and here's the important thing, the smaller amount of shampoo is enough to wash my hair. Sometimes I have to add a bit more water as I'm rubbing the shampoo in, to make it sud up and go all over, but it is enough. I'm using a significantly smaller amount at every hair wash, meaning the shampoo is going so much further. That sounds like a money saver to me.

I was going to take a photo of the little bottles, but I haven't, and I just remembered my tablet and blogger were not happy last time I tried to post pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination!

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Eleanor Pearce said...

great tip love. you are right