Monday, July 23, 2012

You can't make this stuff up

A couple of days ago I walked into the bathroom, turned my ankle over (just like that) and made a big noise knocking myself and the towel rail to the floor.

Earlier today i stubbed my toe on the same foot, running upstairs to get Soph a top to wear.
About an hour ago I was coming in from the garden to look after JJ while my mum took soph upstairs to poo "I need a poo-poo" is not a statement to be taken lightly! Earlier soph had done a wee, and then, for reasons known only to herself, she'd tipped the potty out on the path just outside the back door. I hosed it down a bit and thought nothing more of it. But coming in quickly, I slipped on the wet patch, landed on the kitchen floor, banged my knee and made the pain in my ankle and toe considerably more.


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