Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick catch up

Today is one of those chill out sorts of days. I'm hoping for a nap this afternoon, although of course that requires Sophia taking one too! (or me taking her round to see Nan and Grandad)

Little bean's kicking away like anything at the moment. Think he's having a good day. We had to do the glucose tolerance test yesterday. Sophia stayed overnight with Nana and Grandad so that I didn't have to worry about getting her up early and getting us both ready and me to the hospital for 8.30am. I quite enjoyed just sitting reading for two hours, although I'm not sure I'm want to do that everyday! I'm seeing the midwife on Thursday, so should get the results then.

I had a telling off from Sophia this morning! I had put my feet up or her chair. She came over and pushed them off and then put on her sternest face, wiggled her finger at me and said "Leave it!". That's me told then.

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