Saturday, May 07, 2011

Here we go again

Dear lovely readers, I think I might actually be BACK!
We have broadband. Ok, so the teeny tiny problem we still have is that this laptop is pretty much busted, but I'm hoping that it'll allow me to pop my head in here more often than once in a blue moon.

I have lots and lots of things to tell you all, but the first thing I'd like to do is to tell you about the business that Menard and I have set up along with another couple. (Actually, maybe I should say they set up with us, as they have the talent and Menard and I have the shouty-ness for telling people about it!)

It's called EM Photographic Services and we do lots of things! If you can't wait to find out all of them, then follow the link and take a look at the website, in the meantime I will focus on canvas art.

Now, it's a known fact that everyone either has a piece of Ikea art up on their wall, or knows someone who does! We are the antidote to mass produced artwork. We use quality photographs taken by one of our own team, David Evans, and print them onto high quality paper to produce beautiful artwork.

Of course, at this point someone may say "what if your business grows big too? Won't it still be mass produced artwork?". I have a couple of answers to that; firstly, even if lots of folk ended up choosing the same photo for their wall, each canvas will still have been created the highest quality we can achieve, and by a small team of workers, not a giant big corporation. Secondly, and I will cover this in more detail at some point, you can choose to have us put YOUR artwork on canvas, and then you really will have a one of a kind piece of art.

I feel like I got a bit lost on a wiggle there, so let me come back to my original thoughts and reason for this post... We need your help! (and I don't just mean to buy our stuff, although that would be great if that's your cup of tea).

We've put together a selection of photos which David has taken and worked on, and which we believe might make good wall art. However, there are only four of us and we're probably pretty biased, so I would love it if you guys, my lovely readers, could give us your thoughts too.

Now I'm hoping that this link from David will work, or if you are on facebook you can follow these instructions.

Search on facebook for 'emphotographic' or 'emphotographic services'.
Like us if you like!
Look at the wall and check out our 'Available Artwork' album.
Leave some thoughts, either there, or back here.
Enjoy the rest of your day

We would like to know if any particular photos stand out to you. What's your favourite? What would you definitely not want to see on your wall? Anything else?

Thank you my lovelies :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Debs,
Had a look at your photos - ones we particularly liked were: splash, ladybird, swans, roses, misty morning and orchid on white.
Ones we were not so keen on fern, pilon patterns, dragon flies and ones where the flowers were quite small in the picture eg the speedwell and lady's smock pictures.
Hope that's helpful,
I x

Kathleen said...

Oh, I liked the dragonflies! Please don't get rid of the dragonflies.

Elly said...

I like the dragonflies too