Thursday, March 10, 2011

Less is more

Yesterday with Sophia's help (she tore up some old magazines!) we filled a bag with paper to recycle so that was bag 3.

Bag 4 was filled today with 15 or so books to take to the charity shop. These were actually books from my old bedroom in my parent's house, but since it's my stuff and it needs reducing, I figure it counts! I came out of the charity shop with one new book which I'm looking forward to flicking through and possibly sharing with my friend Danielle - it's by money saving expert Martin Lewis.

Sophia's had a great afternoon. Now we live in a ground floor flat so she doesn't get to do stairs on a regular basis, but this afternoon at my parent's house she did lots of practising, both up and some down (trying out a few techniques, including sliding down on her bottom!)

And who can resist requests such as "bit-dit bease mama?" (Let's see if anyone can try to translate that!)

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Ladybuggz said...

I'm certain "bit-dit bease mama?" means "may I have a biscuit please, mother dear?" :o)