Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's the giggle that gets me

I'm still nursing Sophia and will be for the next however long until she and I are ready to stop. Early on I wasn't producing enough milk for her so we had to give her bottles as well, but I was determined not to stop breastfeeding, and I haven't. I got through sore nipples and mastitis back in the early days, and now mostly it's smooth going - although there was some experimentation when she first got teeth! I generally dumped her down on the floor if that happened, and she soon learnt that if she wanted the milk, she had to keep those teeth out of the way.

Anyway, I was thinking about all this at about 5am this morning. We had a rough night. Two nights ago she actually slept right through, but not so last night. So although she's mostly night weaned, sometimes she gets some extra, just so that she can get back to sleep and mummy can get some zeds too. She woke at 5am, screaming and soaking wet as her nappy had leaked. I brought her into the living room, changed her and calmed her down, and then we headed back to bed for some milk. As soon as she lay down and I pulled up my top she gave this little giggle. It's a wonderful sound, it's the sound that tells me she's happy, she's excited that she's having some mummy milk, that it's like she's having a special treat. And that giggle is one of the reasons I'll continue to breastfeed. So long as I enjoy it, and she enjoys it, we'll keep going.


Brandi said...

You go, Mama! That is great. I am still nursing Eve at 13 mos. and it is a joy for us both.

Kathleen said...

Hooray and good for you! Both of you!