Sunday, August 08, 2010

bits and pieces

Thanks all those of you who left concerned comments on my last post. My ankle is still sore and aching. The bruising is still progressing in colours - we're now at the darker, more boring green sort of end of the scale, with a few areas of purple. I'm hoping that it will stop aching soon, because it's very wearing. I actually stayed home from church this morning and went back to bed cos the constant pain (even if just a throb) was getting me down, and I was just exhausted. Menard's also taken Sophia to his mum's house this afternoon, so it's been a lovely break. I went back to bed and slept for more than two hours, and this afternoon I've cooked some food that I can reheat for lunch for the next few days and now I'm pottering around on the computer.

Last week I was very blessed to have several visitors. Especially at the start of the week when I could barely walk, let alone walk holding a baby. Luckily she's an excellent crawler now. In fact she's probably still faster than me, even though I am able to limp about a fair bit now. So big thanks to my mum, Danielle and Rachel & James who kept me sane.

I'm feeling a bit more inspired to blog, so hopefully I'll be around a bit more than I have been recently. Talking about blogging, some of us are blogging again over at One Weigh or Another. We will be weighing in on Monday, and taking it from there. I am very much ashamed to admit that I put back on all of the weight I had originally lost, and a bit more. But, I'm making a fresh start, and it's going to work! I know that last time around one of the things that kept me going was being accountable to folk online and their encouragement when things got tough, so feel free to drop by over there to say hi, or to join us in our weight loss journey if you would like to.

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Sarah said...

Journeys begin with a small step (once your ankle is a bit recovered)!