Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Monday, except it's not, oh actually it is

Hmmm, yes, the post title gives you a small insight into my befuddled brain.

We (my church) had a joint service with two other local churches and ran a huge sunday school for all the children aged from 4-11. I was one of the people up front leading it. For anyone that doesn't already know, our church meets in a cinema, so we have sunday school is various different screens week by week (or, if it's like the week before, sometimes different screens throughout the morning!) We usually have around 20 children in the 4-7 age group, and use the space at the front of the screen. In fact, it's quite easy to forget that you're actually in a cinema, and if when you do go to the cinema to see a film it's a bit of a novelty (at least it is for me, because I've only been once in the last as long as I can remember little while, if that makes sense!).

Anyway, it's usually us (3 leaders), the kids, some chairs, juice & cups and maybe a CD player or flip chart or something. But this week we had more like 80 children (the wider age range, and the extra children from the other churches), a lot more adults, and lots of scary technology. We had a microphone, we were meant to have two, but one of them wouldn't work, we had a laptop and projecter for the words of the songs, and we had a keyboard for the worship time. We also had the sound desk to go with the mike, the keyboard and the computer. And I, for some bizare reason got chosen to be in charge of the sound desk and computer. I was the one responsible for scrolling through the words of the songs, keeping an eye on the sound levels, and changing from the songs to a clip from a DVD. And it all went ok, until almost at the end of the last song when the computer decided to 'hibernate' and there was no way it was going to let me turn it back on. But it was ok, because most people already knew or had got the hang of the words by that point, and it was the (planned to be!) last song. So I didn't panic too much!

We had a fantastic time, and I even managed the bit where I had to stand up and talk into the microphone to everybody for about 5 minutes (and I couldn't find my copy of the notes I was trying to speak on, and had to borrow someone else's at the last minute!)

And yes, now we come to the whole point of the story - it went really well, but left me really shattered. I didn't do much yesterday afternoon and managed to make it through today, but now (slightly later than I'd planned due to the long length of this post) I am off to bed. And hopefully I will feel more awake tomorrow for looking after the little one.
Goodnight all :-)

ps This was just another classic Little One moment captured for posterity.


Pig wot flies said...

That sounds exhausting. Well done for surviving, well not just surviving, sounds like it went well.

Helibear said...

cute pic!
sounds like you had a good time.
i put up the song lyrics in my church once a month. lately someone has taken to removing whole sections of the words. That doesn't help much.
Is the Little One a relation of yours, or just a random kid?

Debs said...

Helibear, the little one is a delightful little boy that I childmind one day a week.

Katkat said...

We have 110 under 12yrs old every sunday.It's fun but busy. And I think my Buddy doll was looking at my husband which early in the morning can be