Friday, August 04, 2006

You say goodbye, but I say hello.

This week HP has gone off to Newday, but meanwhile we've got Bekki here for a night and a day. This morning we went to Ikea and Bekki got various things she's discovered her new house needs. Ikea is great fun, and today I managed to enjoy looking at all the gadets and bits and pieces and not buy any of them. An real achievement I would say! I've got to head off to the post office now to post the thing I sold on ebay yesterday (it was a bodyshop gift set that I didn't want cos we seem to have loads in our house and it was all getting a bit much). I think I will try and put some more things on, but probably not till after we get back from holiday. We're going to Scotland for two weeks next weekend, so blogging may be a bit light for a while (if fact, given that we're going to a fairly remote place it may well stop for two weeks. But do check back every so often, and I'll say goodbye before we go!)

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