Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Basil - still alive, but not kicking much

I feels it's time to own up to those of you who may be still mourning dear Basil's loss. In truth he is still alive (although, as this very bad and taken in a hurry photo shows, not very healthy).

He was left sat in the kitchen sink in a bowl full of water, and it was just about enough to last the two weeks we were away. However, I'm not entirely sure that that much water was actually good for him.

He may never return to his former glory, but as long as his is with us he will be loved.

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Adrian said...

Hi, Andree here!
You have sorely convicted me of my lack of care and concern for the fact that my own dear Basil is DEAD! He passed away while we were on holiday and still sits in his pot as dead as can be!
One day I will learn that plants like Basil have just as much right to attention and food etc as our pet rabbit Timmy who managed to survive our holiday thanks to our lovely neighbours who fed and watered him!