Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peeping out from under piles of washing

Seriously, will it ever stop?! Every day this week I have put in a load of clothes, and done my best to get them dry (no dryer, raining all week) and just about managed to get the rest on the dirty stuff to fit in the basket. But without fail, every morning there have somehow magically appeared out of nowhere enough stuff to fill a load without even touching the full basket that's still there from the day before.

But other than that minor issue, we're doing well. JJ's getting longer and is now sleeping in the big cot cos he outgrew the wicker crib he had at first (the one which I slept in as a baby, and my mummy did before that!)

Sophia's had a growth spurt too, I'm sure. I watched her washing her hands at the bathroom sink* the other day and realised she was reaching for, and getting the soap, and this was without standing on the little step box that I swear she still needed to use, just the other day.  Some days I think we're making progress with potty training, other days not so much. I resorted to bribery with chocolate buttons, but I'm not sure what next now the packet's empty!

* She loves washing her hands. Not obsessively, don't worry, but I'm sure, like many other kids her age, she could play in the water for hours. She also sings her own little version of a song from a program on CBeebies which is called 'I can cook' which goes like this...
"Roll up your sleeves, and give your hands a wash, with slippy dippy soap, splish splash splosh. Have you done your hands? Washed and dried? Sleeves rolled up? Apron tied? What can you do? I CAN COOK!"

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