Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The end of another era

Dearest Sophia,

This morning when I came to get you up (at 7.15am - you actually slept in, and I loved it, thank you!) I went in the bathroom first and then I was going to come in to get you, but as I left the bathroom you walked out of your bedroom and gave me the biggest grin in the world.
Yes, for the first time in your life you'd climbed out of the cot by yourself.

And as I type Daddy is busy taking the side off your cot to change it from a cot to a toddler bed. Whatever happened to my little baby girl? Oh life with is a constant "wenture" as you would say (adventure!). And I love it :D

Love Mummy

Saturday, November 26, 2011

She reminds me of me

Last night Sophia was reluctant to go to sleep. She went to bed at 7pm, but was still wide awake at 9pm. I went in at that point to re-settle here and to change her nappy - she'd called out for us, which we heard over the monitor, saying that she was wet.

I took her out of the cot and we had a cuddle. I changed her nappy and we had a chat about mummy milk and the baby, and all sorts of other randomness, and then I finally persuaded her to get back into the cot. I lay her down and her teddy bears too, but she said "no!" and sat herself back up, and sat the bears up too, next to her. She arranged the duvet carefully over them all, and proceeded to serve them "coffee and biscuits". In the end I had to leave her sitting up and hope that she'd eventually lay down and fall asleep. I think it was about half 9 when things finally went quiet over the monitor (and that was also about the same time I went to bed too!)

The whole episode reminded me of something I did when I was little. We had two big boxes under the bed, one had dressing up clothes and the other stuffed toys - bears, dolls etc. One night I decided, for reasons known only to myself, that the toys all deserved to be in bed too, why should I get to sleep with a comfy duvet and they all had to sleep in a box? I carefully took them all out and arranged them all round the edge of the bed. They took up so much space that I didn't fit anymore, and I ended up going to sleep in the toy box!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

big sister to be

My little Sophie Lou is changing so fast. Last week saw the end of "So-see", which was her version of her name Sophie. She started saying Sophie, and that was that, the end of the So-see era. It's funny, but it made me a little bit sad, she's growing up so fast.

Since her birthday she's become so much chattier. She's speaking in sentences some of the time and thinking really hard about what she says. She doesn't always get the tense right, but then who does?! She's got taller too. Every time I look at her it seems she's grown again.

She's very excited about the arrival of Little Bean. She knows that she's going to be a sister! And that the baby's in mummy's belly. She knows Little Bean will drink mummy milk. She knows the name we've chosen for Little Bean, and has been known to drop it into her general chatter and conversation. Luckily, it's only Menard and I who know what that name is, and we're the only ones who have actually noticed her saying it!

The other day I asked her if she was her dolly's mummy. She said, "No, Sophie sister!".
My word, will her world change when little bean comes home, but I think on the whole she's going to love it. Just as long as she still gets plenty of snuggles and cuddles, and there won't be a problem with that, I'm happy to get my snuggles with her while she still wants to have them.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Goals revisited

Well, we're getting down to the final few weeks now. I have either 3 weeks 2 days or 4 weeks 4 days to my due date (depending on which one you take!). Of course, little bean will most likely ignore them both, and come in his own sweet time, but still, it's good to have some rough markers to aim for!

Time to look at the goals I set myself at the end of September and see how we're getting on...

Write Christmas presents list (who we're buying for)
Buy Christmas presents (probably lots on amazon using my swagbucks money. Yay!)
Wrap and label presents and leave in an appropriate place that they won't get forgotten about!
Ok, so, most of the presents are bought. (Oi, Steve, hurry up and think of some things for your Christmas list, otherwise I'll have to come up with something myself, and you don't want my pregnancy-addled brain to be doing that! And there are some which will be photo based (Quick plug for our business - EM Photographic Services) that will be taken once little bean is here.

Wash and sort the clothes we've recently been given
Get out the clothes we already have and wash and sort them
Decide on the system for storing clothes etc in this house
Sort through Sophia's clothes and weed out what's too small. Put away/give away. Check she's got adequate winter clothing for the time being.
Look at my clothes and check I've got adequate for being pregnant as the weather gets colder. Buy some long trousers and more underwear! Including new nursing bras.
Well I've washed one load of new baby clothes, and the ones from my mum's loft are in the basket, waiting to be done next. Still not certain on the system for storing them, but I have some ideas.
I've been through Sophia's clothes and put some away to store and some to be given away. Think she's got enough clothes for the time being now.
I found a pair of trousers in my wardrobe, so that'll help me survive the cold weather.
I've got some new knickers that come up over the bump and don't drive me mad! Nursing bras will be purchased in the next week or two.

House General
Autumn deep clean to have an approximate level of clean to start off before the baby arrives!
Eat up current contents and defrost both freezers.
Buy/cook to fill up freezers with useful things.
Think the cleaning thing will be ongoing. I'll add to that cleaning the car inside and out.
I defrosted one of the freezers, still want to do the other one.
Need to cook and shop once the freezer is defrosted.

Parent's House
Go up in the loft (or send my daddy!) to locate all the baby stuff we stashed up there - including changing unit, moses basket, sling, play mats....
My parents went up and found the 0-3 month storage box of clothes, the rest is yet to come down. Actually, they also took down the cradle/moses basket we slept in when we were little, but this needs a clean and some surface repairs as well as a new mattress.

Breastfeeding pillow
Projector (Sophia's had a sad demise this week)
Bought a pillow, putting the pump purchase on hold for now. Making do with the nightlight on the baby monitor for now, though we do plan to get a new projector at some point.

Sophia's birthday
This came and went, and the cake was made (see a couple of posts back for pictures). All that had to be done was done. And I wasn't too exhausted afterwards.

Anything else I think of!
Uh, lots of other things, I'm sure, but nothing that's springing to mind this second. I'll post this and follow up with a new to-do post soon.