Saturday, November 26, 2011

She reminds me of me

Last night Sophia was reluctant to go to sleep. She went to bed at 7pm, but was still wide awake at 9pm. I went in at that point to re-settle here and to change her nappy - she'd called out for us, which we heard over the monitor, saying that she was wet.

I took her out of the cot and we had a cuddle. I changed her nappy and we had a chat about mummy milk and the baby, and all sorts of other randomness, and then I finally persuaded her to get back into the cot. I lay her down and her teddy bears too, but she said "no!" and sat herself back up, and sat the bears up too, next to her. She arranged the duvet carefully over them all, and proceeded to serve them "coffee and biscuits". In the end I had to leave her sitting up and hope that she'd eventually lay down and fall asleep. I think it was about half 9 when things finally went quiet over the monitor (and that was also about the same time I went to bed too!)

The whole episode reminded me of something I did when I was little. We had two big boxes under the bed, one had dressing up clothes and the other stuffed toys - bears, dolls etc. One night I decided, for reasons known only to myself, that the toys all deserved to be in bed too, why should I get to sleep with a comfy duvet and they all had to sleep in a box? I carefully took them all out and arranged them all round the edge of the bed. They took up so much space that I didn't fit anymore, and I ended up going to sleep in the toy box!

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elly said...

yes confirm that really happened