Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cheeky pickle

Sophia is no longer sleeping in a cot (well, actually, tonight she is, at nan's, but that's another story!). She learnt how to climb out, so we took the side off and turned the cot into a toddler bed (which is what it was designed to do).

The first week or so she was happy to stay in bed and settled well, but the last two nights she's been a pickle. Despite the fact that we shut her door last night, she somehow managed to reach up and open it (you have to pull it towards you, and the knob is high up) and escaped from the room a number 0f times. The night before last we left the stair gate open and she came all the way down with a big grin on her face. And later that night I heard a yell from Menard - he was upstairs in our bedroom, and she'd crept in and come up behind him, making him jump!

Last night she was having fun taking clothes out of her wardrobe and drawers, not to mention ripping up a book. Partly it was our fault for letting her sleep too late in the day, but still, she was a big pickle! I guess we just have to persevere with putting her back to bed with little fuss, and eventually she'll get tired of it!

Oh, and today we were upstairs at one point and I said "shall we go downstairs for lunch?" She said "no deal"! Seems she's watched too much 'Deal or no deal' with nan and grandad!


Tami said... is little bean? Suppose you're making it too cozy of a place for him/her. ;-)

CNA Training Online said...

Hehe... reading this post reminds me of my habit of watching "deal or no deal" before. Thanks deb for thing post.. :)