Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm still buying reduced. I gave up trying to work out how much I was saving each shop cos a) I didn't have time to stick it all into a spreadsheet and b) half the time it's not possible to know what the original price for something was. However, I have a pretty good idea of how much certain things cost, and how much I'm willing to pay for them. I think I probably have pretty low (or is that high) expectations of price for some things. I won't buy something like raspberries or strawberries unless they're very reduced. I saw some strawberries reduced to £1.19 today and just laughed.

As well as buying as much reduced as I can I've also set myself a budget to stick to. This is just the first week, and I'm only halfway through, but it's going well I think. I decided to have a certain amount of cash at the beginning of the week, and that's my limit (although I've still got my debit card in my purse for emergencies, or really good offers!). I think that using cash gives me a better idea of what I'm actually spending, rather than just blindly handing over my card and not really taking any notice of how much I'm spending.

Sophia's had a nasty cold since Tuesday evening, and Tuesday night was a really rough one. Last night was better, and she's down for the night tonight, but she's still not right. She was coughing a lot when she first went down, but that seems to have stopped for now. I think Menard may be coming down with it too, so hopefully we'll all get over it quickly. Especially since Sophia's being dedicated on Sunday and we're having a party afterwards. It would be a shame if one of us were not able to be there.

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Kathleen said...

Everyone stay well!