Thursday, January 14, 2010

intermittently around

I *am* here, just sometimes I'm not here! We've been internet-less at home for a few days, hence my absence.

The 'Big Freeze' froze us for a week, but now the temperatures are slowly beginning to rise again, and the ice is beginning to melt. Of course, after all the ice and snow warnings, we're now being told there could be flash floods this weekend as it all begins to melt.

My baby is getting so big. She was 14 weeks old yesterday. She's at a stage where she's really interacting and will smile and laugh at the littlest things. She loves looking up at a painting done by Menard which is hung above the changing unit. For some reason, whatever mood she's in, that picture can make her laugh. However, she can also go from laughing to crying in a few short seconds. When she's had enough of mummy tickling her chin or daddy's 'I'm coming to get you', she'll begin to grizzle. She doesn't really cry though, unless you try to burp her during or after her formula feed, and I guess any sensible person would cry if their food was taken away.

We've all suffered with colds and coughs and nastyness, but we're hoping that we're finally on the up. Being ill is no fun, especially with a baby who's decided that 5.45am is the best time to wake up. I think it's because it allows her to be changed and settled down in the chair with mummy in time for 'Breakfast' on BBC1. (I know people suggest that you shouldn't change babies in the night as it only wakes them up, but believe me, this child wees a lot!)

I'll try to get some photos up presently - just as soon as I manage to have myself, the camera, the camera lead and the internet all in the same place at the same time.

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Kathleen said...

My boys still think 5:45 is a good time to wake up! But it sounds like you're all settling in quite nicely. I hope the floods are not so floody.