Friday, August 31, 2007

The future's bright, the future's Texas

Ok, I can't contain my excitement any longer. I have spun this one out too long, so long in fact that I think people probably already know (my family and close friends) or they just don't care, or are too busy getting on with their own lives and want just to spit it out. So here it is.

I am going to Texas.
I am going to live with Blest and be her au pair\nanny\mother's help (whatever you want to call it. I tend to go for the term au pair since that's the term that's most useful when googling to find out information about visas and all those sort of things).

We are both very excited :-)

It started with Blest and her Mum (I suppose that should be Mom) having a conversation, continued with Blest sending me an email about a 'wild and wacky idea' and all sort of went from there. We haven't got the dates and stuff finalised yet, but it's looking like it's going to be November time. In the meanwhile I've got several weddings and birthday parties to attend, as well as doing some visiting to see people that I won't see for a while, as well as, of course, the sorting of visa and flights and packing and everything. Since my sentences seem to be running on some what I think it's time to stop typing while you still have breath to read, but as you might be able to tell I'm a little excited about it :-)


Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes Batman!! I was right!
Hot dog Debs, this is too cool!!! Beyond intelligible words right now.

blest said...

And the future is SO bright, she WILL have to wear shades!! hee hee

YAY YAY YAY Debs!! Mom said to tell you if you ever need a break from me you can come vacation with her! She loves ya already!

And I finally told his short highness - Daniel, I mean. His face lit up and he said "Oh cool - so it's like we're gonna have a governess like in The Sound of Music!"

You're not going to cut up my curtains to make clothes are you?

lady laura said...

OH MY WORD!!! I suspected maybe a visit, built around a OWOA meeting but this?!!! Never would a thunk it!

How awesome!!!

Debs said...

I have so started looking at children's clothes patterns ;-)

Missy said...

Oh! I just jumped out of my seat! How exciting for all of you. I have family in El Paso (I think that's were Blest is??) - I'll have to come for a look-see! Yea!

Debs said...

Missy, you make me sound like an exotic creature at the zoo! ;-)

But seriously, I definitely want to try to meet as many OWOA people as possible :-)

Cristina said...

Wowsers! That is awesome! How fun!

Leann said...

I am SO looking forward to meeting your tall wonderful self!!!!! :) You do remember I am in El Paso, too, right??? WOOT!!!!!!!! So, when do you arrive - exactly -????????

Bethany said...

How cool! I knew already though, cause I'm special! :P You gotta make Blest take you through my way on some of your trips...she's kinda been hinting at it anyway! :D

I think being an au pair sounds sooooooooo cool! :D And I wish I had an au pair of my own. This is too neat.

Tracy said...


Seriously, I live in Louisiana, which is right next to Texas... of course, it's on the other side of Texas from El Paso and several zillion hours away!

I always did want to see El Paso. Hmmmm.

Kathleen said...

This is spectacular news!

I have never been to Texas... well, I spent a night there once ten years ago during a drive cross country, but it was the short, smokestack part, and we were kind of in a hurry, so we didn't get to SEE anything.

But hey! What an experience! I am so, so happy for you! Welcome to the states. I am so excited. You'd think I were the one going somewhere.

Amrita said...

HGave fun in TX

Mrs Wibbs said...

(before anything else...what the heck does OWOA mean?? I feel like it's probably totally obvious and like I'm stupid for not knowing, but hey, at least I'm asking ;o))


I'm really really so chuffed for you :o)


Rach xx

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

How exciting!!!

Jana said...

SO terribly jealous! It must be nice to be rich enough to hire an au pair for four boys. {{Totally GREEN}}

Debs said...

mrs Wibbs, OWOA is 'One weigh or another', a site linked to on Debs' blogroll

HP said...

oops, that was HP not Debs